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Platod 1500 €


Datum přidání10.06.2022

Letterink is a product-company operating in the field of typography and graphic design. We have run a successful Kickstarter campaign, produced the most advanced graphic stroke tool and a unique e-commerce platform for type-designers. We are constantly changing how people make and use fonts.

We have strong network of engaged customers, often with a thin border between being customer and partner. They truly follow and inspire us on our mission.

From our core, we are a completely remote team spread across Brno, Bratislava, Žilina, Košice and recently Thailand. Where are you from?

Yet still, we are able to meet face-to-face occasionally and work under one roof for couple of days or weeks. And we love it!

Náplň práce

We are seeking a Growth Marketing Specialist to help grow our user base. You'll be promoting & selling products with a significant impact on how fonts are made and used. The vacancy is suitable for a data-driven person willing to experiment with marketing techniques.

What’s your challenge

  • Rapidly design, plan and execute growth experiments across the whole customer journey
  • Evaluate marketing experiments on quantitative and qualitative data and report the lessons learned with the team
  • Optimise and scale the most prospective marketing techniques evaluated in your experiments
  • Develop, execute and optimise consistent marketing strategy using quantitative and qualitative data
  • Communicate directly with our customers and affiliate partners
  • Hire and manage contractors within the given budget that help with your delivery
  • Learn new tools and methods to improve your expertise


What you need to success

  • Experience or awareness of growth marketing practices
  • Proficiency in rapid hypothesis-driven experimentation and analysis
  • Experience developing and testing value propositions and creative
  • Proficiency in paid marketing channels (Facebook, Google, Twitter,. etc.)
  • Proficiency in marketing analytics tools (GA4, Matomo, SmartLook, or similar)
  • Strong English communication skills, written and verbal (B2-C1)
  • Experience with the agile methods of organisation
  • Be a proactive and self-organized team player
  • Be able to logically argument your work

What will be your advantage

  • Demonstrating your skills by showing your past projects e.g. having a case studies article
  • Curious about graphic design and typography
  • Some programming skills e.g. HTML, SQL, Python


What we offer

  • Well-deserved salary bonus based on the company success
  • Extra budget for developing your expertise
  • Innovation Time to develop your ideas out of the box
  • Collaboration with elite engineers and type designers
  • Access to world-class influencers in graphic design and type design field
  • Work remotely from anywhere
  • Working on global-scale products that users love

What is the hiring process

  • We review your linked in profile and check your network.
  • We review your case studies and ask additional questions
  • If, you don’t have a case study you’ll homework will be to write one
  • Introductory interview with Filip Paldia for about 1-2 hours
  • We will ask for a recommendation of your previous employer or customer
  • 4 days working with us — paid
  • 1 day evaluation of how we align together
  • Contract offer
    How to apply

Please send us:

  • Your LinkedIn profile — no PDFs CV’s please
  • Link to a caste study that demonstrates your abilities
  • Approximation of how much time you can allocate to collaboration with us
  • Questions of additional information you need before committing

We are looking forward to your response.

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