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Pantheon Academy Trainee

MestoBratislava, Banská Bystrica, Žilina

Forma: Full-time

Plat800 — 1300 €


Dátum pridania16.06.2022

Náplň práce

Are you passionate about Java, C, JavaScript, or Testing+Python or Cypress? Are you able to work full time? We always welcome new prospects for a Top-Level Trainee position, where you will work in the language of your choice and further develop your skills.

  • Why is this job unique?
    It involves working on prototype projects, on something that no man has done before. Each and every task is a challenge. We head to an unknown land and do not even know whether we’ll manage to find the way. But once we do, with us you will reach Silicon Valley.

  • What will be your tasks?
    Writing code, of course, and learning a lot! We believe in small teams, but if you end up with a simple task, it might be completely up to you - the analysis, design, coding, and testing. More complex tasks are always assigned to teams.

  • What do we expect from you?
    Independence is key. We will not spoon-feed you - this is a job for the kind of people who do not like others looking over their shoulders. Also, we require a bit of perfectionism – since we do many open source projects, anybody can have a look at your code, so make sure that you have something to be proud of. But of course, you will have all the support and a buddy that will lead you.

  • How high can you climb?
    To be a Trainee is just the beginning. In our company, career growth is available for everybody willing to constantly improve himself. Through regular employee assessments, there is a high possibility of promotion from Trainee through Junior, Semi-senior, and Senior to an Expert. Since we are a family-based company, we will be glad to hear anybody´s ideas and we will happily support the good projects. Our seniors are some of the best in the industry and they can teach you a lot.


• Be passionate about your language of choice - Java, C, JavaScript+Angular or about testing - Testing+Python or Testing+Cypress
• We utilize SCRUM and communicate with customers world-wide on daily basis, English is therefore a must.
• Knowledge or big interest in Networking domain


• Personal Day, Birthday Holiday
• Flexible working hours, Off-site work after the Academy
• Sick leave cover
• Financial benefit for public transport & trainings
• Young dynamic team, team-buildings, family environment

Pantheon Academy is an excellent way to start your career as a Developer. In addition, it is available in two options, depending on the level of your current skills: The longer variant, called the Pantheon Academy Trainee program, lasts six months and your salary starts at 800 euros. For more experienced beginners, we have the Advanced Pantheon Academy Trainee program, which has a length of only three months and the salary starts at 1,100 euros. In both options, your salary grows together with increasing experience, by 100 euros every month and the contract is limited for 3-6 months. By the end of our Academy, you will be ready to be promoted to Junior Software Developer position.

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