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Amerge, s. r. o.

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Sídlo: Bratislava, Slovenská republika

O firme

We are building the blueprint for every brand to succeed on Amazon. We are an advertising company which creates full-funnel strategies for our clients. Our team consists of highly-qualified in-house Designers, Programmers, Search and DSP specialists, Vendor, and Seller Account Managers, and Client Relationship Managers.

In our almost three years of existence, we helped many clients with their brands. We opened offices in Slovakia, Germany, and Costa Rica and we have our mother company in the UK. Our Business development team is there to bring more clients in and they do an amazing job so far. We are the winners of the Innovation award for UK and US from Amazon Sponzor Ads Award. These recognitions drive us forward in the work we do, it shows that we do something very well. We constantly innovate, we are creative, and we love to hear new and bold ideas.

Our international team has members in England, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany, and Costa Rica. You will get a chance to practice your English on daily bases and learn about other cultures too.

If you are the owner of an ambitious brain, an authentic personality, get stimulated by constant challenges, love tech, are committed to going the extra mile, and want a great place to deliver your best work ever, we want to hear from you.

Why work for us?

• We are a multicultural bunch of professionals who love what they do.
• We think of the customers and then take it from there.
• We are curious and we question the status quo - can we do things better? Yes!
• We have ambitious growth plans in the EU and US in the near future.
• You will work with international business clients.
• We will teach you about certain aspects of how the biggest e-commerce company such as Amazon works.

How do we contribute as an employer?

• We will give you an onboarding, train you and provide you with mentoring. We want you to be successful.
• We will teach you how our own built tools work and how to use them to track the progress and success of your work.
• We give our people autonomy in what they do.
• The aim for all employees in amerge is to achieve a flow state in their area of expertise.
• We promote team member growth and happiness.
• Be a human is one of our values, we treat each employee and client as a human being.
• Flexible working time and in-office or remote work.

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