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Sídlo: Dublin, Írsko

O firme

Squaredot is an award winning B2B marketing agency based in Ireland. We help B2B technology brands get famous and grow fast. We do everything from positioning, strategy and planning to website design & development, branding, creative content, campaigns and promotion.

We believe in creativity and in challenging the old-fashioned misconception that B2B marketing is boring and all the fun is in B2C. In fact we’d go one step further - we believe it’s an incredibly exciting time for B2B tech in particular. B2B tech is on the frontlines of the global economic recovery, helping to digitally transform entire industries and their marketing potential is off the charts. We’re proud to serve this sector.

We like to do really good work. And delivering great creative work boils down to teamwork. We have different backgrounds (strategic, creative, brand, design and web backgrounds) on both the agency and client side of the fence. We value our differences and learn from each other. Collaboration is key. We all get along. Mainly because we’re decent folk.

We’re also growing fast, so constantly on the lookout for great people with the right attitude.

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