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STAFFINO s. r. o.

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Sídlo: Prešov, Slovenská republika

O firme

  • Staffino is a steadily growing customer and employee experience management platform, serving clients across more than 30 countries and a wide array of industries. We have been thriving in the market for a decade, demonstrating profitable growth consistently over the past five years.
  • Over the years, Staffino has transformed into an international powerhouse, serving mainly enterprise clients. We are working to become the #1 XM platform in Europe. Our cutting-edge platform has evolved to compete with the world's leading CEM platforms, with a core differentiating focus on recognising the invaluable contributions of hundreds of thousands of frontline employees.
  • Today, our clientele primarily spans across Europe, but we are extending our reach beyond its borders. Our team is committed to driving innovation in the experience management space. As a core member of Staffino, you will play a vital role in shaping the future of experience management worldwide while working alongside professionals from various backgrounds. Join us and make a global impact.

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