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SuperScale s.r.o.

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Sídlo: Bratislava, Slovenská republika

O firme

SuperScale is the only Growth Platform that is able to deliver extra double-digit growth for leading mobile and web3 gaming companies. Thanks to our proprietary AI technology and expertise we help our partners such as EA, Big Fish Games, Google, LEGO to analyze, optimize and scale business performance of their flagship titles to the levels their products deserve.

We are leading the world of gaming into one of their exciting developments and helping games transition to a blockchain-centric world, where NFTs and crypto co-exist with proper, interesting and engaging gaming experiences. Do you play games? Then you have most likely played our clients games.
We also help them attract and retain valuable, engaged and happy users, and scale games growth to unexpected heights.

We believe the key to unlocking the maximum potential of a game is understanding and improving player's experience with data so that it better caters to his or her individual wants and needs.
To continue our exponential growth we are bringing-in high performing and ambitious team players, whether an avid gamer or not (we’ll show you, there will be no way back): we are a B2B tech business above anything. We are enthusiastic and gung-ho about games but super- serious about our clients-partners success.

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