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Plat2500 — 4000 €

TypTPP / Faktura

Datum aktualizace20.02.2023

Sme BRACKETS a zo Slovenska robíme systémy, ktoré používajú milióny ľudí. Nie sme prehypovaný startup, ale poctivá mladá softvérová firma, ktorej záleží na kvalite našej práce, ale aj kvalite osobného života. Oproti veľkým firmám nemáme zbytočné procesy a levely vedenia. Fungujeme viac ako SWAT tím.

V BRACKETS robíme veľké veci pre veľkých klientov ako IKEA, Danone, HB Reavis, Plzeňský Prazdroj, Denník N či TV Markíza. S väčšinou z nich spolupracujeme dlhodobo, už niekoľko rokov. Stáli sme pri zrode startupu Kontentino, ktorý je používaný po celom svete a je jedným z najrýchlejšie rastúcich slovenských startupov.

BRACKETS by TRIAD is a software development company founded as a part of TRIAD Advertising group (no. 1 Advertising company in Slovakia). We are not an overflowing startup but an honest young software company that cares about the quality of our work and personal life as well. Unlike large companies, we do not have unnecessary processes and management levels. We work more than a SWAT team.

In BRACKETS, we currently develop solutions for clients (like IKEA or Danone) in 6 countries in Europe. Our solutions are being used by users all around the world.

Náplň práce

Scope of work:

  • We are looking for a talented medior/senior full-stack developer for a long-term cooperation, who has some experience in a web development (ideally 1-3 years).
  • We're looking for someone solid in Laravel with basic knowledge in PostgreSQL / MySQL databases, knowing basics of a JavaScript, ideally worked with VueJS a bit.
  • Experience with React, Docker or CI/CD using BitBucket Pipelines are advantages, but definitely not a requirement.
  • Can you also make good APIs? We are in love with GraphQL., but we have no propblem with good RESTful APIs.
  • Or are you rather a good coder/styler (HTML/CSS) with focus on a visual detail? We use Tailwind and our designers will provide you the visual proposals in Figma.
  • Are you a patient and responsible team player who is not afraid to give a colleague feedback and at the same time welcomes feedback (code reviews)?
  • We are looking for a partner who will quickly fit into our younger team of programmers and with whom we will work well and make fun of anything we can think of.
  • If you don't have the skills described above, don't hesitate to contact us anyway. We are open for a talk, maybe we'll find some other options for you.


Tech Stack:

  • Laravel (we built our own open-source Craftable system and currently working on the new Craftable Pro)
  • We store data mostly in PostgreSQL and we use Redis as a cache layer
  • We build the API as GraphQL using package called Lighthouse
  • We use Tailwind, VueJS and React on the front end for web portals and web applications and React Native for mobile applications.
  • We keep the code in GIT (BitBucket for private and GitHub for public repositories), we stick with Gitflow Workflow, we do pull requests and code reviews
  • We write tests, it's not our hobby, but we have to admit we do it :)
  • We have well set up Pipelines and Continous Integration
  • We use JIRA to manage project development and we work with SCRUM
  • We have our eyes open and try to keep up with the news in tech and especially in the web development. Whenever something interesting excites us, we must check it out and try it ourselves in a reasonable project.


Our offer:
We’re a highly-skilled and experienced team of business analysts, UX designers and software developers. We solve tech and business challenges by combining innovation with expertise.

Our values:

  • Friendly, like-a-family team
  • Work and live
  • Do what you love
  • Grow together
  • Solution first, then tech

Our benefits:

  • donation for delicious lunches 😜
  • the longest sofa in Bratislava 🤘
  • home-office
  • ping-pong
  • fruits, soft drinks etc..
  • garden (sometimes with parties🍺)
  • teambuildings
  • training courses
  • parking
  • pet friendly🐶

Look inside BRACKETS and you’ll find bright analytical minds, savvy software engineers, and ingenious business analysts with a great track record of successful projects.

We can't wait to see you in our team! You are welcome here / ласкаво просимо тут 🙌

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