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Matej Pancurák

UX/IxD Designer/Researcher

Hodinovka: 1250

Úroveň: Mid ⭐️⭐️

Registrovaný: 16.01.2023

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👋Hey there! I am ready to inject expertise and positivity into your team's vibe. What's my power? Creating user experiences that are impactful and leave users feeling happy. But wait, there's more! I'm a collaboration ninja – blending interaction design wizardry with a penchant for learning. Researchers, designers, and product champs, I'm looking at you – together, we whip up user journeys that go way beyond interfaces.

Got ambition? So do I! I'm diving headfirst into healthcare, education, tech, and the epic world of SaaS/e-commerce. Challenges? They're my playground for innovation. I'm all ears for learning and all action for knocking out those exceptional outcomes.🎯

Ready for a chat? Whether it's coffee banter or a juicy new project, I'm all ears! Seeking a powerhouse UX/CX Designer? ...Bringing energy, expertise, and results to the table. Reach out, and let's turn experiences into the universe!

🖊Portoflio available based on request ✅

Types of delivery:
Hi-Fi prototypes
Usability testing/report
IA and user flows
User journey map
Flowchart or activity diagram
Surveys, interviews, Empathy maps
User/Customer personas
Wireframes/Lo-fi prototypes
Competitive analysis /Market instincts
Visual styles/Mood boards
Interaction flows and UCs


  • M.F.A New media Arts (Mgr. art) TUKE FUTU
    Skills: New Media · Research · Design · Visual Arts · Interaction Design
    History, Theory, Aesthetic and Philosophy of Visual Arts and Culture.

  • B.F.A Fine Arts

  • A.P Photography design

Ocenenia, certifikáty

  • Agile User Experience Design and Research/LinkedIn
    Skills: Agile Methodologies
  • Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner/IBM
    Skills: User-centered Design · Design Thinking · UX Research
  • Google UX Design professional course
    Skills: User Experience (UX) · Research · Design Thinking · User Experience Design (UED) · UX Research · Design · Figma (Software)