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Elyzaveta Tkachenko


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Úroveň: Mid ⭐️⭐️

Registrovaný: 16.04.2024

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For me, art is a way of self-presentation; it is what fills me with energy💫 Since childhood, I loved to draw and constantly asked my parents to enroll me in an art school.

I often took part in various drawing competitions and won them, my works hung in galleries in my city.

For several years, from 2020 to 2024, I worked in the field of SMM, editing videos, creating stories and visuals for Instagram. And also designed creatives for advertising, websites, presentations and business cards.

Since 2023, I have been working as a tattoo artist, so my life has become even more closely connected with art, which I am incredibly happy about.😍

At the beginning of 2024, I decided that I wanted to immerse myself in the world of digital art even more, so I started working as an illustrator; I will tell you a little more about my experience in my portfolio⬇️

If we talk about what interests me most, it’s illustrations for books, as well as working with unusual projects where you need to show your imagination and creativity to the maximum. I like to draw in a mysterious, gothic, fantasy style. But this does not mean that other styles and ideas are not interesting to me, on the contrary - I am always open to new ideas and diversity😊


I have an art education


Since I worked as an SMM manager for a long time, I cannot help but mention here that for 4 years I have made a wide variety of designs, but I will not delve into this topic, since this is still a portfolio for the position of an illustrator, I will simply attach a link to the works so that you also had an understanding of my style in general and my experience in design

Now let's get to my favorite part - the illustration. During this short time working as an illustrator, I managed to take part in several incredibly interesting projects.

The first project is a unique deck of tarot cards. This idea suddenly came to my mind and I immediately wrote to a girl I know who is involved in isoteric studies. As it turned out, she had long dreamed of creating her own deck, so we immediately set about making it happen. At the moment you can see 1 example from this deck, since it is at the development stage and it would be unethical for me to distribute more cards

The second project is Movement SK, the client’s request was to create a visualization of the phrase “We support art” in the color scheme of the project’s social networks (, and the illustration should be in an abstract, unusual style, and minimalistic. I realized this idea in the form of three goddesses of art, and in the background I displayed a destroyed amphitheater and the names of more than 100 different art creators

The third project is Modern Witch (Bratislava), an illustration in free format at the request of the founder of the project “Draw Modern Witch as you see it”. I implemented this idea like this. Modern Witch is a women's event club that holds brunches for girls in aesthetic places in Bratislava, I depicted a castle in the background, with many flowers, since I associate them with spring. I added an antique vase, since the founder of the project loves antiques, as well as a small rabbit in the bushes, as a symbol of tenderness and again spring.

More works in portfolio: