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Ljuk "Mynus" Kováč

Graphic Design & Identity

Hodinovka: 1100

Úroveň: Mid ⭐️⭐️

Registrovaný: 15.03.2023

DizajnériArt DirectionBrand DesignCreative DirectionGraphic DesignIdeamakingIllustrationWeb Design

Hi there!
I am Luke (Ljuk/Mynus) and I use rectangles, lines & everything nice to design a visual world for you, your brand, or your product.

I'm a versatile guy, an all-rounder and a quick learner. I'm passionate about delivering the best visual experience to the viewer. I've got years of agency and freelance experience based on a self-taught design foundation but under the supervision of skilled leaders and visionaries. Either I was supporting the UI/UX department, brand and marketing teams developing ideas and delivering results that maintained or strengthened the brand's reputation or creating brand identities from scratch, illustrations, newsletters, merch ... you name it.

Always eager to learn. No matter what the starting point.

My goals
My aim is to simplify the complex and provide assistance to both the visual and verbal aspects of brands, companies, and individuals.

I strive to create a connection between your vision and my expertise, transforming it into meaningful visual narratives that can effectively convey your brand's story and showcase your products to the world.



Instagram with some sneak peeks

Ocenenia, certifikáty

3x featured in Behance curated galleries: Logo, Packaging

Series of packaging illustrations for the watch brand Fossil celebrating its anniversary featured at

Merchandise competition design winner for an NPO

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