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Klaudia Kuruczová, Ing.

Social Media Manager, Content Creator, Account Manager

Hodinovka: 4060

Úroveň: Senior ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Registrovaný: 20.11.2023

KreatívciVideo EditingIdeamakingPhoto/VideoCreative DirectionArt DirectionFacebook Business ManagerMediaPRStrategyTikTokMedia plannerMarket Research/AnalysisContent MarketingMarketing ManagementSocial MediaProject ManagementAccount ManagementEnglishMicrosoft Excel

Hi people, You, who are scrolling and looking for a social media manager. Im here, Im dear.👻 Catch me in Dunajská Streda, or Bratislava. Lets hang out, have a chat about your Online needs, because this Online world is getting bigger, moving faster, and you are running out of the time. Start now! 💪

Present/ Past Clients

  • FC DAC 1904 - football
  • FC DAC 1904 Youth - football
  • Kukkonia - football, hospitality, food
  • Világi Winery - Wine
  • Villa Rosa - Restaurant
  • KlikkOut - freelance magazine
  • Brilliantcoco_hu - cosmetics
  • DayNight_hu - cosmetics
  • BioBronz_hu - cosmetics
  • DariPrime - cosmetics
  • LaViida - jewellery

Social media influence = all age categories + in unlimited timeline + in ONLINE Location + building OFF -and ONLINE connections + creating obsessions + setting trends + supporting communities.

Kindly, KK🌞
More about me find in Portfolio:


University of Economics in Bratislava

Bachelor's degree: International Relations

2014 - 2017

Master's Degree: Marketing

2018 - 2020


I'm pretty plugged into social media – been around the block and know the trends like the back of my hand. I'm all about taking on new challenges in the social media world, and I'm the team player you want by your side. Whether it's figuring out campaign strategies, planning things out, or managing the whole shebang, I'm ready to bring my insights to the table and make some waves in the ever-changing social media scene.

Hey there, I'm all about sports and fashion content, and I've been in the game for a good few years. I love coming up with cool ideas for creative strategies and campaigns, especially when I get to bounce them around with other creative folks. I've spent two years managing marketing projects and accounts, focusing on events and making sure everything runs like a charm. Let's just say, I've got the inside scoop on how to get things done right!

I am a dedicated individual committed to personal growth and professional development. Continuously striving to enhance my skills and knowledge, I am constantly working on my own development.💡 One of my proactive approaches to learning includes regularly completing online training courses.👨‍💻 This commitment to self-improvement not only keeps me informed about the latest industry trends but also ensures that I bring a fresh and up-to-date perspective to any challenge. 🤪 I am eager to apply my evolving skills in dynamic and innovative environments.

🎬O N L I N E T O O L S


Canva, (learning Adobe photoshop)

Video Apps





Lightroom, Analog Lab, FaceTune, SCRL

Sport tournament-system database


Main platform interests

Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn,YoutTube

Experiences by categories

  • sport
  • fashion
  • jewellery
  • food
  • restaurant
  • hospitality
  • real estate