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Eco-Driven Marketing Project Manager 🌱



Platod 2000 €

TypTPP / Faktúra

ÚroveňMid ⭐️⭐️


The buildings and the construction sector are responsible for nearly 40% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

We are a young innovative company standing at the forefront of change in the sector. We manufacture an award-winning timber-straw construction system – an advanced, environmentally conscious, and energy-efficient building material. 🌱

We are on a mission of changing the way we build: shifting from carbon-intensive, synthetic materials towards carbon-storing, rapidly renewable, natural ones as a means to combat the climate crisis.

Náplň práce

Before we dive into it, let's talk about THE TEAM

The EcoCocon team consists of 25 internal colleagues and several external partners across Europe and the US. The HQ is located in Bratislava, Slovakia, and we have several other offices in Europe.

Our Marketing Team consists of 2 internal team members (you’d be our third colleague) – a Marketing Manager and a Content Specialist. We work with several external vendors (a design studio, photo & video production company, performance agency, PR agency and translators).

We’re in the process of scaling up our business, our processes and our teams, but without the fast startup culture. Our team consists of mature, grounded individuals and leaders who see their work as their purpose and we value our (and each others’) personal time. We love drive and new energy, but with respect to everybody’s health and boundaries – as our product might indicate, we like doing things in a sustainable way. 😊

And now - let's talk about THE ROLE 😊

As a well known brand of 16 years within the (sustainable) construction industry, the vast majority of our website traffic is direct and organic. We get a lot of amazing opportunities coming our way (events to participate in, partnerships to be a part of, PR opportunities, etc.), but our tiny internal team struggles with capacity. Because we’d love to do more good in the world, we’re looking for a Marketing Project Manager to join our Marketing team.


You have the following set of soft skills:

👉 When you grab a project, you OWN it.
👉 You are proactive and purpose-driven.
👉 You have strong cross-team communication skills.
👉 You know yourself well enough to be able to detect what’s going on and give us direct feedback.
👉 You’re courageous enough to communicate your boundaries, your fears and to set your expectations clearly.
👉 You ask questions and you ask for what you need in order to lead the project into a successful finish.
👉 Decision-making is your strong suit.

We also expect you to have the following hard skills:

✅ Marketing Project Management

  • We're looking for a person who is a great project manager AND has a strong background in marketing. You have a broad understanding of how individual marketing channels and processes behind the marketing team work - or even better - you'll show us how to improve what we have to become more efficient and organized.

  • You'll be the owner of our visual projects. You'll be writing briefs for and managing outcomes from our design studio and production company (photos/videos). Here's where your attention to detail and clear expectations setting will come into play. You'll be a part of the projects from the first brainstorming and then be in charge of delivering results. An invitation to our open day, a video for social media, a photo shoot of a new project. It's all yours to coordinate.

  • You'll be a part of the event organization and event participation microteams.
    → This year, we are hosting 2 open days at our new factory and we'll be organizing an in-person partner meeting.
    → The events we usually participate in are specialized fairs and conferences, where we support our local teams by designing the stand and providing sales & marketing materials.
    → The events we'd like to start organizing are professional webinars – and that is something you might also be an owner of.
    → Examples of individual tasks you'd be responsible for are: the event creative (co-creating events and activities), event production for our own events (vendor management – briefs, implementation, controlling), co-creating stand designs, inventory management (rentals and logistics – merch, prints, our panels, other), co-creating event marketing outcomes with colleagues and external vendors (social media, press releases, documentation – photo/video).

  • And then there are one-off special projects you'd help bring to life. We have a website redesign coming up. Are you up to the challenge? 😊💪

BONUS skill: Simple picture editing / graphic design

  • It would be great if you had some basic graphic design skills, but if you don't, please don't hesitate to send us your CV anyway. We can discuss this further in the 1st interview round.

Last, but not least

It would be fantastic if you were interested in sustainability, green construction and architecture in particular. But if we click and you don’t have any hands-on experience within the industry, we’ll be happy to dedicate time to helping you explore the landscape – we have an internal academy to provide you with basic information about the company and the business as well as a whole team of great people ready to support you on your journey.

The role is suitable for people with previous experience as Account Managers from marketing agencies, Project Managers with marketing background, Campaign Managers, Marketing Managers, Marketing Specialists or Marketing Coordinators.


  • Minimum of 3 years experience within marketing
  • Experience with project management, preferably in a marketing team
  • Strong cross-team communication skills
  • Growth mindset, quick learner
  • Ability to work independently
  • Fluent in English (B2 is the bare minimum)
  • An eye for graphic design is a PLUS, but not a condition


Nice colleagues and great work atmosphere 🦄

Flexible working hours & possibility to work from home

International and 🔥 purpose-driven team

Space for your ideas and opportunity to grow with the company

Challenging but rewarding work with a highly positive impact 🌱

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