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Frontend Angular Developer



Plat2300 — 3300 €

TypTPP / Faktúra

ÚroveňSenior ⭐️⭐️⭐️


Náplň práce

We are looking for a UI Senior SW Engineer with at least 5 years of experience in creating web applications and portals. Experience with micro frontends is ideal.
The new colleague will be responsible for the design/architecture, implementation, and revision of web applications and user interfaces, cooperation in creating specifications and documentation, and cooperating with other UI designers and back-end developers. UX skills, communication skills, network components, SDN, firewalls, ServiceNow, and PrimeNG knowledge are big advantages.


Required skills:
• JavaScript, Angular, TypeScript
• HTML, CSS, Sass
• Basic programming principles and skills (OOP, code conventions, unit testing,...)
• Work with code repositories
• UNIX/Linux, Bash

• knowledge and experience with PrimeNG, Ng-Bootstrap, or other UI components library
• knowledge of networking principles and SDN
• UX skills
• OOP and asynchronous programming
• knowledge of GIT and other programming tools
• Linux/Testing/Jenkins, distribution systems, multithreading, React, WebSockets

Clean criminal record is a must.


What extras do we throw in?
Anyone can offer you a perfect team, team buildings, LAN-parties, friendly environment, table football and a place to grow. (And, of course, we do offer those too.)
But the real benefits? Additional days off, 100% paid sick leave, subsidized public transport, HO, flexible working hours and technical education, among others.

How much you can earn is directly related to how much you know. Your paycheck grows with your skills. You can start as a developer and make your way up or we can hire you directly as an expert. If you are a good team leader, we can even hire you directly for this position.

Here is our tentative salary ladder (gross):
SW Engineer 1700 - 2500 €
Senior SW Engineer 2300 - 3300 €
Expert/Technical Leader starting at 3000 €

The salary range is given in EUR. The salary is divided into a fixed and variable part (the variable part is paid in full unless the Code of Conduct is broken or work tasks are not performed).

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