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Frontend Engineer



Plat3000 — 5000 €

TypTPP / Faktúra

ÚroveňSenior ⭐️⭐️⭐️


At Powerful Medical, we are building global life-saving technology. Our certified product diagnoses cardiovascular diseases (#1 cause of death globally) by scanning ECGs using AI and machine learning. We’re cooperating with several leading healthcare providers within the EU and are backed by European and Israeli VCs.

Náplň práce

Who you are
As a Senior Frontend Engineer on our team, you will build software solutions to improve the experience of thousands of our users around the world. You will design, develop and maintain our web-based application and also our mobile app. You will collaborate with our designers, product managers, other engineers, and doctors to deliver life-saving technology. Your work will help to diagnose and treat patients toward better health!

Your role

  • Crafting web and mobile applications using technologies like React and React Native
  • Develop new user-facing features using state-of-the-art technologies to enhance our products
  • As a senior engineer, you will lead technology discussions and contribute to architectural decisions related to our applications
  • Look for new solutions on how to transform our customers' needs into usable software
  • Take care of unit, integration, and e2e tests, adding and maintaining them together with other engineers
  • While web and mobile applications will be your primary focus, we encourage cross-functional collaboration within our teams, providing opportunities to influence decisions, support other engineers, and work across the entire stack within our growing team
  • You will have the opportunity to mentor and coach junior engineers, sharing your expertise to foster their growth


  • Background in both web and app development, with a couple of complex projects under your belt
  • Solid experience with React and React Native
  • Understanding of application security and scaling
  • Passion for user experience, ability to work closely with designers to build products and services that bring the best experience
  • Willing to make mistakes along the way and make sure you learn from them
  • You understand that great products are built as a team effort
  • Fluent in English, both spoken and written


At Powerful Medical, we are building a global life-saving technology. Our certified product utilizes AI and machine learning to diagnose cardiovascular diseases, the leading cause of death worldwide, by analyzing ECG scans. We have established partnerships with renowned global healthcare providers and are backed by leading European and US VCs.

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