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Work in an environment where you can be yourself.

At Pretlak, we believe that diversity in a workplace provides a lot of benefits and nobody should be discriminated against. Employers supporting our manifesto therefore declare that they will create and maintain an inclusive workplace for their employees. That way the candidates can feel free to be themselves in their future jobs, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender, age, ethnicity, religion or medical disability.

Do you agree? Join us!

👀 Why

There are still a lot of people among us that have an outdated notion about how the “normal” person should look like, who should he or she love, what he or she should believe in, etc. We think that these “perfect templates” are just nonsense. And that’s why we fight to stop the judgment of the “different” and look only at the substantial as a society.

🥰 Happy
are more productive

73 % of employees hiding their sexual orientation are more likely to leave their jobs within three years. More than 70 % LGBT people stated that they’re more likely to accept a job in a company openly supporting LGBT than in any other. Furthermore, engagement and productivity alone of LGBT employees diminishes in a hostile workplace by 30 %. Employers providing an inclusive atmosphere gain employees that are happier and more productive.
(Source: Credit Suisse: LGBT- The Value of Diversity)

by 30 %

diminishes the engagement and productivity of LGBT employees in a hostile workplace

more than 70 %

stated that they’re more likely to accept a job in a company openly supporting LGBT

as much as 73 %

higher is the probability that people hiding their sexual orientation will leave their jobs

📢 Principles we care about:

1. We treat each person fairly and exactly the same.

2. We solve problems in the workplace and we take measures to prevent them.

3. We unite employers who care about the happiness of their employees.

4. We’re interested in how people feel and we’re listening to them.

5. We spread awareness about diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Don’t judge with us!

Do you agree with our manifesto? Let the others know! It’s easy.

  • Register your company or sign in to your company profile on our website.
  • Add a new job and use the tag #nojudgement.
  • Build an inclusive work environment within your company and spread the word about this topic wherever you can!

🫶 Important terms

Inclusion is all about creating a safe environment in which each individual can be themselves. In this bias-free environment people tolerate and support each other and they have the same opportunities. A person in a functioning inclusive environment feels they fit in and doesn’t have to deal with any form of discrimination.

The meaning of diversity or variety is a difference, or rather differences, between individuals or groups. Visible variety is a diversity in age, gender, ethnicity, religion, medical disability, sexual orientation, education or nationality. When talking about invisible diversity, we touch aspects such as different thinking, life experience or mental life.

Abbreviation LGBTQ+ is for sexual minority populations. These five letters represent lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender, queer or ‘questioning’ people who are still not sure about their sexual preference. There are often other letters and the plus sign added for other sexual identities such as pansexuals, polyamorous people, asexuals, etc.

Queer is a common term for people not identified as heterosexual or cisgender (people with gender identity which matches the sex one was assigned at birth). This term is often interchanged with the term Drag Queen - an artist, often man, who dresses up in women’s clothes for an original artistic performance. Drag queens typically wear extravagant clothes, wigs and heavy make-up.


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